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DUI Defense

Arizona has the toughest DUI consequences in the United States for a first time and repeats offenders. 


The Munoz Law Office has experience handling a wide range of issues to help protect your drivers license with the MVD. Call our office and we can explain your rights.

Criminal Defense

If you’ve been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor criminal offense you could be facing possible jail or prison time.You need experienced attorney who will give you honest answers while fighting for your rights.

Michael in the News

Michael Munoz Interview 12News

12 News Speaks with Michael Muñoz - The DUI laws you don't know about.

Michael discusses the little know laws, police tactics and defendent behavior that all contributes to if and to what extent you might be charged with a DUI.


Michael Interview with ESPN on Tony LaRusa DUI Charge.

In 2020 Chicago White Sox anager Tony La Russa was charged with driving under the influence after he allegedly ran his car into a curb in February, leaving it smoking on the side of a Phoenix-area road.

County Attorney Adel greets judge

County Attorney Allister Adel and Muñoz Discuss Criminal Justice Reform efforts

Munoz said the office is becoming more reasonable in approach and starting to look into different factors in cases that were not considered in prior administrations. 

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